The French Guy

So you upgraded to macOS Catalina, and wanted to use ImageCapture in order to import pictures from your iOS Device (iPhone, iPad) into a network drive, and ImageCapture is giving you the error “The operation couldn’t be completed. ( error -9956.) (-9956). Good news, I have a fix for you! – Open System Preferences – Go to Security & Privacy – Select Privacy – Select on the left FULL DISK ACCESS – In the finder, go under your main hard […]

It’s pretty easy, and not well known… Simply add the following code in your ViewController.swift override func touchesBegan(_ touches: Set, with event: UIEvent?) { self.view.endEditing(true) } And boom! Any time you tap on the screen, the keyboard disappear!

I was looking how to sort ALL the posts from ALL the categories into alphabetical order in WordPress. I talked with a company who wrote a quick -and free- plugin to help me.  ->

Thank to a facebook post, I was able to tweak my car so the DRL go on with the High Beam. Example and how to at this link:

Apple decided to remove telnet and ftp from high Sierra onward. It is understandable , because they are not secure. But some of us need it for old systems, or local machines. I was able to go back into an old version of Yosemite and copy those two binaries into my current system. They are available on this page. You will need to copy them into your /usr/local/bin/ folder. telnet and ftp for high Sierra MD5 (telnet) = 89720c99bbdb96fdfa7f13fdc4bf0a07 MD5 […]