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So your server is bombarded by spammer, and you really want to block them at the server side instead of per domain. Here is what I did, and it works for me. If you read this and it worked for you, or used this solution but tweaked it, please comment. Thank you !   Go to WHM / Service configuration / Exim Configuration Manager / Advanced Editor Scroll down to the big blue button “Add additional configuration settings”. In BOX1, enter: […]

Problem: You are using CPANEL with a third party slave DNS, and you see in your /var/log/message that external zone transfer are denied. Oct 19 13:05:08 your_server_name named[18147]: client slave_DNS_IP#59149 (your_web_site): view external: zone transfer ‘your_web_site/AXFR/IN’ denied Solution: Edit /etc/named.conf, and replace allow-transfer    { “NONE”; }; with allow-transfer    { slave_DNS_IP; }; Then reboot your DNS server with service named restart and you should be ready to go !

If you have an XC90 and your headlight is broken, you’ll have a surprise by calling the dealership. They will want at least $150 for the bulb, and this is without the installation. If you go to a local store like advanced auto part, they will charge you about $100 for one bulb. Still too expensive. Amazon has the SYLVANIA D1S High Intensity Discharge (HID) Bulb for $46. This is the bulb used in XC90 with BI-XENON headlights. It is called […]

Here is what I used for the proof of concept: An Arduino UNO A 36mm Square 12V Digital RGB LED Pixels (strand of 20) 30-VOLT @ 5-AMP DC VARIABLE POWER SUPPLY Some basic programming knowledge   A couple of years ago, I started to play with electronics, specifically Arduino. Christmas time was around the corner, and I did not really find the kind of decoration I was looking for the house. I went online to see if anyone came up with some […]